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Modular homes are residences constructed entirely in factories and transported to their sites on flatbed trucks. They are built under controlled conditions, and must meet strict quality-control requirements before they are delivered. They arrive as block segments and are neatly assembled, using cranes, into homes that are almost indistinguishable from comparable ones built on-site. 


As a top of the line local builder, we partner with Cardinal Homes, as the provider of high quality custom designed modular homes,. Once the fabrication is completed with the Cardinal Homes, they deliver your dream home to your site. That is when we put the home together to put the finishing touches on your custom designed modular home. and connect your home to existing electricity lines, water lines, etc.

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Modular Homes

Creating the perfect home takes careful planning with many decisions to make. Jason Beasley Builders works with you to simplify the custom home building process for homeowners, so you can finally get the home of your dreams.

Modular houses and homes are the perfect starter homes for first-time buyers. These affordable structures are both durable and a better value than traditional “site-built” homes . Values of modular homes tend to increase, unlike a manufactured home which typically decreases in value over time. Modular homes are NOT manufactured homes. 

Jason Beasley Builders is an authorized builder for Cardinal Homes - an award-winning modular home specialist with a quick turnover . You’re invited to browse through our selection of floor plans featuring large great rooms, spacious kitchens and flexible interior designs to provide comfort and balance to everyday life. Whether you’re looking to build your first home, accommodate your growing family’s needs or build a home that provides ease and comfort to your lifestyle, Cardinal Homes has hundreds of designs to choose from!

​Also, Cardinal Homes has recently embarked on a new series of small houses that include a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom. They are ideal for those looking to downsize, add space to the existing home or to keep the baby boomers in your family home and out of expensive Adult Living Centers or Rest Homes.


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