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Custom Homes Built on Your Land

Your Home Site

Jason Beasley Builders will evaluate your land and discuss house positioning and placement, site improvements needed, required permits, and discuss our building process with you. 


Haven't found your land yet? Talk with our home and land experts to choose the perfect homesite.

Excavation and Site Preparation


You have carefully selected your lot, taking into consideration all of your desired needs, including views, layout, and access. And you have prepared your site plan as part of your plans and specifications. The first step to breaking ground in the actual construction of your new home is site preparation, which consists of clearing away the trees from your building site, rough grading, and staking the house location in preparation for installation of the footings and foundation. 

Before you begin, go over again the things that will affect or be affected by the placement of your home on this lot:

  • Setbacks and Easements

  • Slopes and Views

  • Driveway and Access

  • Sun Exposure

  • Trees you want to keep

  • Well and Septic Tank Location

  • Your Relationship to other houses in the area/neighborhood




Application for Custom Home Build

We take pride in working along side our clients to create homes that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.  


Creating the perfect home takes careful planning with many decisions to make. Jason Beasley Builders works with you to simplify the custom home building process for homeowners, so you can finally get the home of your dreams.

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